You will see a regular client with a post baby body of 2 years. Even with exercise the tummy is the most difficult to shift the fat from. The body shape will change. Painless non-surgical liposuction is another wording of this treatment. The results have been so amazing. (NOT A BODY WRAP)

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Notice the lift on the tummy over hang and the sculpting in of the waist. A side effect of this treatment is that the soundwaves have also penetrated downwards towards the thighs so the dimpling effect has reduced also.

The inch loss with this treatment is fantastic. The results last longer than any other inchloss treatment available. You will love the effects you get with it

Course price £1250 this course can change your life.

Entry Requirements Level 3 beauty or above, If you have nursing or other qualifications please call as you may be accepted.

Dates can also be arranged to suit students locations in lots of locations within the UK.


Cindy Mackenzie Ultrasound Training Training Academy Prospectus 

Ultrasound Course Prospectus 

The CMBTA Ultrasound Course offers training and equipment, and successful completion of the course, will result in immediate accreditation as a certified ultrasound therapist. Abt acredited course.

The course agenda will cover : 

The application of ultrasound as a therapeutic treatment; Hands-on use of the ultrasound equipment in a workshop environment; in-depth use of the cavitation, vacuum suction and radio frequency devices for the provision of fat loss and facial therapies. 

This is a 3 DAY COURSE with pre-course reading materials accounting for ‘day one’ of the course. This will enable the student to adequately prepare for the ultrasound workshop whilst minimising time away from workplace. The pre-course materials will encompass elements of the ultrasound training that will not be covered, but which will be validated in the certification test. 

INVESTMENT FOR THIS COURSE IS £1,250 (inclusive of machine and Ultrasound gel) 


Benefits of CMBTA Ultrasound Training: 


  • Certified qualification

  • Training provided by qualified ultrasound technician

  • Provision of a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine for fat loss and facial therapies 

  • Health and safety advice provided 

  • Awareness of contraindication conditions

  • In-depth, hands-on training in cavitation, vacuum suction and radio frequency therapies 

  • Provision of therapy templates 

  • Aftercare

The Cindy Mackenzie Training Academy presents a 3 day course in ultrasound techniques that certifies students in the application of ultrasound for weight management and facial therapy.