Laser Tattoo Removal


Let’s face it, sometimes we have a tattoo that we decide isn’t “me” anymore or we want to change our ink for something done better. Tattoos are not always permanent. They can be lightened with a few sessions enabling a new piece to be done on top or completely removed. It just takes time, patience and a laser.

Lightening a tattoo for a cover up may only take a couple of sessions. Our experienced laser tech Rowan will usually start the treatment with a test patch to see how your skin reacts. All being well we can begin the treatment.

Our laser tattoo removal charges are based on the size and complexity of the tattoo.

Prices start from £50 per treatment for 1 square inch, This is a rough guide as all tattoos are different and will require a face to face consultation to assess what the final cost per treatment will be. Larger tattoos such as back pieces are custom priced at the consultation as we will work out a plan to best tackle the large area in a way that suits your budget.

Per Session

1" - £50       

2" - £80     

3" - £110

4" - £135

5" - £160

6" - £185