Hotstone Body Massage

Stones Massage

Duration: 1 Day Intensive Starts 10am to 4 (approx) Students work on each other.

Cost: £295.00 Including your Kit
Diploma Only £250

Includes relevant anatomy and physiology

Entry requirement: None
Qualification: Hot Stones Massage Diploma.
Please bring 3 large towels 1 Small
What is a Hot Stones Massage?

It is a massage performed with smooth volcanic stones, not only a deep heat treatment for tired muscles but can also create a deeper pressure into the muscle tissue and skin. The heat from the stones helps to relax the muscles and can be a spiritual, healing experience. The full body treatment also shows you the chakra pressure points where also to place the stones . 

What are the benefits of a Hot Stones Massage?

It helps to increase circulation

Eleviates tension

Helps to re-energise your body

Calms and relax's tired and busy minds

Can help with muscular pain, poor circulation, back pain, stress, insomnia depression and many more conditions.